Create memorable experiences for your audience

The Pod

Utilize our 3D digital display case to promote holographic content that features avatars in action.

Holographic Advertisements

Create and issue customized holographic content that is interactive and shareable. Designed to create longer, more impactful customer engagement focused on your target market.

Real Time Data

Gather and filter advertising data to allow for better engagement with viewers by utilizing AI and Machine Learning to generate content tailored to your target audience.

Our Services

HoloMade works with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most from your HoloMade Pod experience.

HoloMade works with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most from your HoloMade Pod experience.


We meet and discuss your content needs, goals and how best to meet those with our product


We create the content with you, either via a shoot or through pre-existing assets.


We implement the POD and your custom content, measuring success via data analytics, purchases, social media shares, along the way


We work with you to evaluate usage and ensure content is as fresh and relevant as possible.


Digital Display

The Pod is 86 inches tall/50 inches wide and weighs approximately
with a fiberglass shell outside and finished inside with dark stained wood.


POD Image 2


POD Image 3


HoloMade Team

Max Kessler

Makan Fofana

Jeremy Strege

Neil Winston


HoloMade Partners

David Shor

Board Member

David Shor is the founder and CEO of Shor Group of Companies. Shor has an extensive background in entertainment management, motion picture and live performance production, consulting and finance. He has served as the chief executive of the Shor Group of Companies for over 35 years, serving startup clients as well as Fortune 500 companies in numerous industries.

Neal Israel

Board Member

As a director, writer, script doctor, producer, and/or actor Neal Israel has been involved in over twenty full-length films. He was executive producer of FINDING NEVERLAND. Behind the camera, Neal co- created the POLICE ACADEMY series of films, wrote and directed BACHELOR PARTY, among many other film titles. For television, he has directed countless hours of Movies of the Week, pilots and series.

Eric Ryan

Founder of Minno Tablet

Eric Ryan is the founder of Minno Tablet produces high performance mobile devices, selling in volume direct to businesses at significantly lower cost than retail devices.

Andy Engel

Founder of Manhattan Stand Up Comedy School

Andy founded and currently operates New York City’s premier Manhattan Comedy School, affiliated with Gotham Comedy Club.

Daniel Reynolds

Director And Producer At Kaleida

Working as a director and producer at Kaleida, Daniel pushes the limits of experience to provide encounters that allow the audience to engage and interact with the physical space without the confinements of Virtual Reality.